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Last updated: 3 May, 2014

This website is intended for all handymen and handywomen who want to work with composites at home. As this website is a one man's initiative, all contributions and ideas are most welcome.

The main objective is to bring composites closer to the broad public. On the Internet, you can find a lot of information about composites, but it is mainly written for industrial professionals and academic researchers. For hobbyists and interested handymen and handywomen, it is very difficult to get hands-on information about working with composites. This website wants to bridge this gap.

The website contains 10 major sections:

the most important facts about composites are explained in a clear and simple way.

in a compilation of about 100 pictures, the applications of composites in daily life are explained, ranging from your carbon racing bike and your composite skis till the composite hood of your car and your composite bath tub.

if you want to start working with composites, you need to know which materials to buy and how to handle them properly. In this section, the most popular raw materials and processing techniques for home made composites are discussed.

in this section, you are pointed to the most valuable resources (websites, books, DVD's) where you can find really hands-on information to make your first composite part.

if you want to know more about the exciting world of composites, you can find here a lot of documentation, ranging from interesting websites and newsletters over magazines to exhibitions, trade fairs and glossaries.

ask your question here, if something goes wrong and you do not know why.

if you already have experience with home made composites, share your knowledge with other people and add your site ! Your help is also most welcome to add additional features to this website (instruction movies, discussion forum, upload archive,...).

this section helps you to find material suppliers to buy your raw materials and basic equipment.

here you can find a long list of links to more general websites about composites business, composites research and composites organizations.

as this website is a personal initiative of one man, you can read a few words about myself.