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It is not so easy to point you to the right companies to buy your composite materials, because the number of companies that sell in small quantities to private persons, strongly depends on the market situation in your country or local region. Below you will find some Internet directories and the names of some big companies in Europe and USA.

If you have contact information of other suppliers, you are most welcome to share this information !

If you search for composite suppliers on the Internet, be aware of the different spelling in American (US) and British (UK) English for several words such as fiber (US) - fibre (UK), molding (US) - moulding (UK), fiberglass (US) - fibreglass (UK).

Material suppliers

[1] Open Directory - Business: Materials: Composites

[2] Google Directory - Business > Materials > Composites

[3] JEC Composites - Composites Directory

[4] GlobalSpec - The Engineering Search Engine

[5] Aerospace Composite Products (California, USA)

[6] Fibre Glast (Ohia, USA)

[7] Fiberglass supply (Washington, USA)

[8] Hansell Composites Ltd. (UK)

[9] Vosschemie (Belgium)

[10] Easy Composites UK (with starter kits for easy learning)