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If you would like to learn more about composites in general, you can find your documentation here. The information is divided in several subcategories:

Tutorials top

[1] SP Systems Guide to composites
More information can be found on http://www.gurit.com/. SP Systems has changed its name into Gurit (Gurit Composite Technologies).

[2] Introduction to composites by the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA)
More information can be found on http://www.mdacomposites.org/mda/

[3] Composites by Dr. Pizzo, San Jose State University
Short introduction to composites, with a lot of applications

[4] Thermoplastic composites explained
This website gives a clear explanation about thermoplastic composites

[5] Vince Kelly's carbon fiber home page
Instructive overview of carbon fibre processing, technology and applications

[6] A practical guide to composites
A book by Martin Taylor-Wilde (ISBN: 9781900213004, Multi-Sport Composites Ltd, 1995)

[7] The Fibreglass manual
A book by Keith Noakes (ISBN: 978-1859150887, Compendium Publishing)

Magazines top

[1] JEC Composites magazine
You can subscribe to the online version for free !

[2] SAMPE Journal
This is the quarterly magazine of the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE).

[3] Reinforced Plastics
Reinforced Plastics is an interesting magazine that highlights the industrial applications of composites.

Newsletters top

[1] Netcomposites weekly newsletter
This is the most interesting newsletter by Netcomposites

[2] RP Weekly
This is the weekly newsletter of Reinforced Plastics.

[3] NGCC - Network Group for Composites in Construction
Newsletter from NGCC - Network Group for Composites in Construction.

[4] NCN - National Composites Network (UK)
Newsletter NCN - National Composites Network (UK) (under section "News & Events").

Composite competitions top

[1] International Composites Design Competition
Design Flanders co-ordinates the International Composites Design Competition for professional designers in cooperation with the other partners.

[2] Formula Student
Formula Student challenges university students to design, build, develop, market and compete as a team with a small single seater racing car.

[3] World solar challenge
The Panasonic World Solar Challenge is a biennial event based on a competitive field of solar cars crossing the Australian continent powered by nothing but the sun.

[4] American Solar Challenge
The 2008 North American Solar Challenge (NASC2008) is a competition to design, build, and rayce solar-powered cars in a cross-country event. Teams compete in a 2400 mile race from Dallas, Texas to Calgary, Alberta.

[5] Shell Eco-Marathon
The Shell Eco-marathon is an educational project that integrates the sustainable development values with driving as far as possible using the least amount of energy.

Software top

[1] Ecomp
Ecomp was developed in the framework of a European project. It is an online agent-based expert system for composite material selection, process choice, properties of final product and cost calculation aimed to bring state-of-art information technologies to the composites industry.

[2] Laminate Analysis Program (LAP) by Anaglyph
Windows software tool for the analysis and design of composite material laminates (under the section "Products").

[3] Composite Star
Database and design software for composite materials developed by the Material company.

CADEC is an online application that performs composite materials analysis as described in the textbook "Introduction to Composite Materials Design - Second Edition", CRC, 2010.

Trade fairs and exhibitions top

[1] JEC Composites international tradeshow
Largest European trade fair

[2] Composites Europe
European Trade Fair & Forum for Composites Technology and Applications

[3] Composites on Tour
The aim of Composites-on-Tour, funded by the European Commission as part of their ‘Science and Society’ programme, is a travelling exhibition about composite materials.

Glossaries top

[1] Hexcel glossary
Hexcel glossary

[2] Composite materials glossary by About.com: Composites/Plastics

[3] Plastics abbreviations and acronyms
List of common abbreviations in plastics industry

[4] Plastic resins definitions
Definitions of plastic resins by the International Plastics Task Force (IPTF)

[5] Glossary of textile terms for composites
Illustrated glossary of textile terms for composites by the NASA

[6] Illustrated dictionary of fibre and textile technology
Complete textile glossary by the Celanese Acetate company.